Release Time:2017-04-16
Vibration & Shock Theory, Application and Control

Dynamic Modeling, Modal Analysis, Parameter Identification

Active, Passive and Intelligent Control of Vibration

Shock Isolation, Nonlinear Damping

Nonlinear Oscillation, Bifurcation and Chaos

Rotating Machine Dynamics

MEMS Dynamics and Control

Novel Technology of Vibration Experiments

Mechanical Informatics and Diagnosis

Modern Signal Process, Information Aggregation and Data Mining

Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Machine

Remote Management and Diagnosis Based on Network

Process Monitoring and Control

Noise Mechanism, Prediction and Control

Sound Visualization, Sound Source Identification and Sound Signal Processing

Fast Calculation of Acoustic Problems

Noise Prediction and Control of Mechanical Equipment, Vehicle and Aircraft

Physiological and Psychological Effect of Noise

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