Prof. Weikang Jiang and his team attended the FSSIC 2017
Release Time:2017-09-13

The 4th Symposium on Fluid-Structure-Sound Interactions and Control (FSSIC 2017) was held in Tokyo, Japan from 21-24 August. Prof. Weikang Jiang and his team members, Ph.D. student Pinxi Mo and Jianzheng Gao attended the symposium. Furthermore, both Mo and Gao gave the oral presentation in the symposium.


The symposium was organized by Nihon University, in association with Harbin Institute of Technology. With approximately 150 participants, the 4th Symposium on Fid-Structure-Sound Interactions and Control (FSSIC) brings together researchers in the rapidly advancing Asia-Pacific region. The meeting provides a forum for academics, scientists and engineers working in all branches of FSSIC to exchange and share latest developments, ideas and advances, bringing them together, from both East and West, to push forward the frontiers of FSSIC.


In the session ‘Wave/Vibration/Noise’, Pinxi Mo and Jianzheng Gao gave the oral presentations – ‘A frequency compensation method to smooth frequency fluctuation for locating moving acoustic sources’ and ‘Frequency domain beamforming for monopole and dipole sources’ respectively. They showed the latest research results and answered the questions from experts and scholars. Also, their research fruits were accepted by colleagues in the session.

During the conference, Prof. Jiang and his team listened to presentations of their research interests, and discussed and exchanged with peer researchers on academic questions, which is of great benefit.

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