Postdoctoral Positions
Release Time:2017-08-07

About the Position:

The fellows would be expected to apply his/her skills on the theoretical/experimental research of vibration, shock and noise of mechanical systems, as well as the associated signal processing and intelligent maintenance, develop connections with local and international researchers for collaboration work, attract research funding and contribute to project management and supervision of junior students.

It is a two-year position, the annual remuneration is ¥200,000 including salary, insurance, and accommodation.



1. Going to obtain the doctor degree in a relevant field within one year;

2. With foreign nationality and under age of 35;

3. Once granted, need to have a two-year full time postdoc research at Shanghai Jiao Tong University;

4. Non-English spoken applicants should have good knowledge of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese or English.


Contact information:

Applicants can contact Dr Yan Li for more details via:, or go to the web site for relevant information. Interested applicants should submit a CV with a list of publications, names of 2 references and a brief summary of past research experience before September1st, 2017 to Dr Yan Li.

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